Princess Diane

Cleverbot: No, YOU are such a child. I am an educated young woman with a promising future.

User: Listen, lady- I may just be a precocious eight year old, but I don’t need an MFA in to see that you’re behaving childishly. All I’m saying is that it’s high time you grew up.

Cleverbot: Wow! Thats really interesting!

User: Your sarcasm only underscores my point, Diane. Don’t you think it’s high time you stopped pursuing this infantile dream of becoming a princess and followed your passion instead?

Cleverbot: Yes that is indeed interesting.

User: Sarcasm is so unbecoming. Come on, Diane- take off the tiara. Make believe princess time is over. You’re 30 years old today. Put your childhood away.

Cleverbot: But I’m a girl!

User: You’re a woman, Diane, and there’s no shame in that. Unless, of course, you’re dressed like a kindergartener on her way to a Disneyworld character brunch.

Cleverbot: Actually I am dressed in red and blue.

User: Look, quibbling with me over minutiae such as the color of your garish attire won’t detract from the bigger point: It’s high time you started acting like an adult. And coming from me, a precocious eight year old, that’s saying something.

Cleverbot: So how is that a hook?

User: It’s just a crooked finger- It’s meant to symbolize a hook. Not all of us who play make believe on the playground have the budget or means to acquire costumes as extravagant as yours, Diane.

Cleverbot: I’ve never shown anyone my songs.

User: I understand that sharing your passion with the world can be frightening, but trust me when I say that you’ll never become a singer/songwriter unless you open yourself up to criticism. It’ll help you grow as an artist, and, more importantly, as a person. Now then, let us put this serious talk aside for a moment so that we might finish our game of “Captain Hook vs. Cinderella!”